Spam Filtering Invitation

Miercom is announcing the 2011 industry assessment of Data Center and Enterprise class Spam Filtering Hardware and Software.

Miercom’s 2011 evaluation of Spam Filtering products, serving a minimum of 100 email customers, is intended to fully exercise the features and functionality of these products. The results of these tests will be published in UMB TechWeb magazine in June of 2011.

All Spam Filtering appliances, software and cloud based products may be submitted for review. These products and services will be competitively featured in this industry assessment.

Testing will focus on these areas:

  • Email Blocked by Reputation
  • Quarantined Email
  • Missed Spam Email
  • False Positives
  • Blocked Spam Effectiveness Rate
  • Data Loss Prevention
  • Multi-Lingual Support

Download the full invitation here!


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