Prove you're the best.

All are welcome to test with us to achieve certification, but not all are certified. Miercom always offers a private, confidential option should you find your product needs further development.

Being Miercom certified lets you stand out against competitors and independently show product performance.

Certification Programs


Proves Security Excellence

  • Challenging
  • Proven security efficacy against rigorous testing without limited performance or reliability
  • Demonstrates protection and best practices
  • Invaluable insights prior to product releases


Works as Advertised

  • Validated claimed performance and functionality
  • Assurance using realistic, stress-test scenarios
  • Industry standard testing (e.g. RFC 2544/2889/3918/7747 or IEEE 802.11ac)
  • Unbiased proof of design


Eco-friendly Technology

  • Objective assessment of environmental impact based on energy efficiency, power consumption, manufacturing, materials and other “green” innovations. 
  • Intensive evaluation of the advantage of its eco-friendly technology using real-world environments


Best at Handling the Worst

  • Dependable performance, showing no failure
  • Demonstrates high level of survivability under demanding scenarios
  • Show real-world robustness, optimal design and best practices


Plays Well with Others

  • Functions well in multi-vendor, multi-network, multi-service environment
  • Tested using industry standard specifications and latest conformance verification test tools
  • Results prove cooperative functionality and design


Above the Rest

  • Best-in-class products proved via comparative assessments in marketspace
  • Uniform criteria used to test functionality, ease of use and common features
  • Top-vendor awarded as leading technology using unbiased results