How Vulnerable is Your Mobile Device?

Nearly 1 million new devices are being infected daily by Hummer, a mobile trojan juggernaut, that has earned hackers nearly $500,000. Malicious apps, games, and pop-up adverts are installed onto smartphones remotely, posing as apps like Facebook, WhatsApp, and Uber. And they are almost impossible to get rid of.

This detailed monthly log shows the number of infected devices from 2014 to 2016.

An essential component of today’s communication is mobile devices. As such they are a prime candidate for hacking. The exploitation of these smartphones, tablets and similar devices can cause major disruptions to business services, as well as serious data breaches.

Since mobile and personal devices are becoming an increasingly integral part of network endpoints, enterprise networks require a complex, integrated approach to secure valuable information. Without proper prevention, sensitive organizational data is vulnerable to attacks that traverse more than just a network gateway.

Miercom evaluates Mobile Threat Protection solutions in many scenarios. What techniques are used to detect vulnerabilities? How is malicious activity prevented? Is confidential information stored securely? What type of network communications are used to transfer data? These are but a few of the areas of concern that can be thoroughly evaluated to assuage the concerns of your clients.

With Miercom testing, companies and consumers alike learn what products offer the best protection from the latest malware and which method is the best solution for their specific environment.

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