Ericsson Virtual Session Border Controller (vSBC) Performance Verified

The Ericsson virtualized Session Border Controller (SBC) was validated for performance in a real-world network of voice and video IP multimedia services.

Key Findings:

  • 2.3 million TLS registrations
  • 24,000 VoLTE sessions
  • 45,200 concurrent G.711 RTP media sessions with 4.50 (NB) and 3.22 (SWB) MOS-CQO audio quality
  • 60,700 concurrent AMR-NB RTP media sessions with 4.43 (NB) and 3.05 (SWB) MOS-CQO audio quality
  • 15,700 concurrent encrypted AMR-NB sessions with single VM, at 175 sessions per second with 4.42 (NB) and 3.03 (SWB) MOS-CQO audio quality
  • Transcodes up to 8,780 concurrent sessions for G.729 to G.711 media codecs; 4,900 sessions for AMR-WB to G.711; 8,110 sessions for AMR-NB to G.711; and 1,525 sessions for EVS to AMR-NB per HP server

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