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Sophos Mobile: MTD Industry Assessment Product Profile

We tested the Sophos Mobile solution against multiple mobile attack scenarios. Our results reveal the high value of this solution.…

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Sophos UTM Throughput Performance Desktop Device Comparison

The Sophos XG 135W has better metrics when compared to the vendor’s averages in UTM mode. It is capable of high throughput, …

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Sophos SG135w Rackmount Device Comparison

When compared to rack mount devices the Sophos SG135w showed the highest throughput for secured network communication, at 1020 Mbp…

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Sophos SG135w Desktop Device Comparison

The Sophos SG135w performed better than the vendor average in multiple tests, and its UTM traffic handling capability was among th…

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Sophos SG 230 and SG 210 UTM

Sophos SG 230 and SG 210 deliver best throughput while handling mix of Layer 7 unidirectional traffic and display exceptional scal…

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