Laboratory Research

Private Testing

Miercom's private testing services provide independent performance testing and product-usability analyses to evaluate or compare products' features and performance capabilities. This stands to benefit potential customers by providing them with a relevant product summary before purchases are made and new equipment is installed.

We provide different types of private tests. A few of them are award-based, Certifed Secure, Reliability Assured, Rated Best and Performance Verified, Certified Green.

Public Testing

Miercom collaborates with a number of editorial outlets, including Business Communications Review (No Jitter) , Communications News, Network World, techweb , TMCnet.com and , xchange magazine to conduct open testing in different areas of technology. We are hard at work preparing for upcoming tests from our editorial calendar for 2009-2010. For current events, please see our Editorial Calendar.


After testing, engineers collaboratively document all observations which can be viewed in confidentiality or tailored for public distribution.

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Industry Study

Our industry studies consist of comparative observations of products on the market. Vendors may participate to display their products' strengths against the average performance of similar services. These Industry Studies are updated regularly to best reflect the current averages and comparative measurements. Types of products that we test are listed here, and their measurements are featured in our reports with more detail.