WinEyeQ was rated Best in Test and Most Accurate

Touchstone’s WinEyeQ was evaluated in early 2008 as part of Miercom’s 2008 VoIP Analysis Tool Review, an industry-wide round-up. It was named Best-in-Test as well as Most Accurate Analysis Product.

Subsequently, Touchstone engaged Miercom to conduct a more extensive battery of tests on WinEyeQ to further demonstrate the product’s VoIP monitoring and analysis capabilities. As discussed in this report, the recent tests bolstered Miercom’s initial opinion about WinEyeQ’s performance.

WinEyeQ consistently proved itself highly sensitive to even the most hidden network anomalies. The product always presented extremely detailed and accurate information, delivering comprehensive and precise statistics about voice quality and network operations.

Additionally, WinEyeQ’s clean and intuitive interface makes it one of the most easy-to-use VoIP analysis products we’ve encountered.

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