Netgear Insight Pro NaaS Competitive Performance

netgear insight pro network as a service SMB management

Managed Service Providers (MSPs) have to handle many organizations and sites simultaneously. This is usually a complex, costly and daunting task. However, Netgear Insight Pro offers a simple, yet powerful, solution to handling multiple networks and their devices. Miercom validated Netgear Insight Pro as an superior offering compared to similar products. Competitive testing revealed unique capabilities of Insight Pro that set it apart from the rest. Below, we summarize how Netgear empowers MSPs with robust, centralized SMB management. For a closer look at each use case, be sure to download our full detailed report.

Key Findings:

    • Plug-and-play setup for multi-tenant, multi-location support
    • Distributable workloads across different roles – administrations, IT managers and business owners
    • Complete networking solution for SMBs across routing, wired and wireless networking and storage devices
    • Single pane-of-glass management for easy, efficient SMB organization and site creation, regardless of geographical location
    • Powerful built-in wizard assists MSP administrators with a struggle-free experience
    • Fully functional Android and iOS mobile application support
    • Time-saving deployment measures
    • Wide range of metrics viewable through logging and reports
    • Wealth of documentation and support through easily navigated GUI
    • First-year deployment value outweighs its competitors

Read more about how Netgear impressed the Miercom lab in the latest detailed report.

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