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Dell Wyse 7040 vs HP t730 Thin Clients

The Dell Wyse 7040 Thin Client delivers superior performance in almost all respects to the HP t730 Thin Client. Compelling PassMar…

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Dell Networking N-Series Ethernet Switches

The Dell N-Series switches deliver line-speed throughout performance on all ports with no loss. Nearly 36 million packets per seco…

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Dell Networking N-Series Ethernet Switches – Interoperability

The Dell N-Series switches proved to be fully compatible with and supportive of the VoIP endpoints we used, and the diverse VoIP p…

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Dell Networking Z9500 Fabric Switch

The Dell Networking Z9500 is a compact Layer 2 and Layer 3 Ethernet switch/router designed for 10/40GE aggregation in all types of…

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Dell Networking S6000 Switch: Highly Scalable in a VDI Environment

The Dell S6000 10/40 GbE high-performance switch easily supported 10,000 virtual desktop users in a VDI scalability test. Based on…

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Dell Networking 7000 and 8000 Switch Series

The Dell 7000 and 8100 switches offer a strong combination of ease of use, performance, scalability, security, and interoperabilit…

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