Cisco Unified Border Element (CUBE) Exhibits High Performance, Reliability, and Resiliency

Cisco engaged Miercom to evaluate the call handling capabilities of the Cisco Unified Border Element – Enterprise Edition (CUBE [ENT]) under specific adverse use-case scenarios. The CUBE (ENT) is a highly scalable enterprise-class Session Border Controller for VoIP networks, peering connections, international gateways, and enterprise access. Since CUBE (ENT) is integrated into Cisco’s router platforms, it can function as either a standalone or a router integrated session border controller.

• Cisco Unified Border Element enterprise-class Session Border Controller handles 16,000 concurrent SIP-to-SIP calls at 150 calls per second
• In-box High Availability feature supports active/standby failover of Route Processor and Embedded Services Processor with no dropped calls
• Transcodes over 9,900 SIP-to-SIP calls from G.711ulaw to G.711alaw
• Performs In Service Software Upgrade (ISSU) while processing active calls

Download report here.