Cisco Embedded Wireless Controller Review 2020 – Miercom Performance Verified

Miercom tested the Cisco Embedded Wireless Controller (EWC), combining the most advanced controller (Cisco Catalyst 9800 Series) with the latest Wi-Fi 6 access points (Cisco Catalyst 9100) for a best-in-class wireless experience. The Cisco EWC is a successor of Mobility Express, which Miercom tested in September 2018. Now, Cisco returns with a more powerful and vastly improved second generation solution. Easy to deploy and featuring a new mobile wireless application for management, the EWC is a straightforward. Its built-in WebUI, full enterprise-class feature set and deployability for small to large distributions had exceeded our expectations. EWC boosts scalability, and therefore investment protection, for the new Cisco Catalyst 9100 APs – scaling up to 100 APs and 2,000 wireless clients per instance.

Find out more about how Cisco EWC impressed us in this latest report.

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