Cisco Digital Network Architecture Performance Verified

Cisco Digital Network Architecture (Cisco DNA) makes intent-based networking functions (e.g. automation, segmentation and assurance) easier on users and management. With its simple design and provisioning of devices and services, Cisco DNA optimizes and secures networks through monitoring, troubleshooting and remediation. To test the innovative technology of Cisco DNA, we evaluated it along with HPE-Aruba Mobile First Campus and Huawei Agile Campus Solution. From our results, we found Cisco DNA demonstrated superior performance.

Key Findings:

    • Effectively consolidates and manages network resources with unified resource management, exceeding its competition’s capabilities
    • Automated features save time, resources and cost with simplified operations, outperforming the multi-step processes and touchpoints of its competition
    • Granular policies for user, devices and IoT deliver segmentation without compromising security
    • Impressive issue assessments to provide descriptions, analysis, insight and remediation
    • Offers proactive, intuitive diagnostic tools like Path Trace and Intelligent Capture

Read more about how Cisco DNA outpaces competitive solutions and earned the Miercom Performance Verified certification.

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