Cisco Data Center Network Management Review 2020 – Miercom Performance Verified

The modern-day data center has evolved from managing a few switches to the complex task of overseeing data center fabrics, compounded by multi-site, multi-cloud implementations. An administrator who once managed a handful of physical switches, now must handle a more complicated, dispersed physical network that includes virtualized workloads and public clouds. Given that data center elements each require a high-standard of compliance for integrity and reliable functionality, the administrator needs to have visibility into every detail of this complex network from a single pane-of-glass.

Based on our hands-on testing of both the Cisco Data Center Network Manager and Arista CloudVision Portal, we found Cisco’s product offered superior capabilities and ease of use, and automated, “one-touch” provisioning based on templates and best practices. We estimate a trained technician can perform tasks with the Cisco package 50 to 300 percent faster than when using Arista’s offering. As a result, we proudly award Cisco’s Data Center Network Manager the Miercom Performance Verified certification.

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