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Konica Minolta bizhub vCare 2.10 Certified Green

Konica Minolta’s bizhub products and bizhub vCare were assessed using our Certified Green program to determine the environmental…

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Certified Green: Cisco Catalyst Digital Building Series PoE+/UPOE Switch

Miercom awards the Cisco Catalyst Digital Building Series switch with Certified Green award after performing efficiency validation…

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Cisco Catalyst 2960 CX and Catalyst 3560 CX Switch Series

The energy efficient Cisco Catalyst -2960, -Catalyst 3560 switches were given the Miercom Certified Green award. These switches re…

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Konica Minolta bizhub vCare 2.8 Certified Green

Miercom was impressed with the energy efficiency and ecologically intelligent design of the bizhub products tested, as well as the…

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Cisco Catalyst 2960-X Switches

Hands-on testing validated the energy efficiency and the cost to operate edge switches the Cisco Catalyst 2960-X edge switches. Co…

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Hewlett-Packard 5120 EI Switch

The environmentally responsible Hewlett-Packard 5120 E1 switch delivers an annual savings of 16 percent in energy cost compared to…

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Hewlett-Packard 2920-48G

HP 2920-48G provides operations at higher temperatures, has Energy Efficient Ethernet to reduce power consumption during low link …

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HP E2620 Switch Series

Hewlett-Packard E2620-24, -48; E2620-24-, -48-PoE+, and E2620-24-PPoE+ (Partial Power over Ethernet) switches were evaluated by Mi…

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