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Get Certified
Vendors are welcome to test with Miercom and achieve certification. Being certified allows vendors to stand out against competition and push marketing of new or updated product releases. For a better look at products that have been certified in the past, check out our reports.

Award Presentations
Miercom CEO Robert Smithers presents vendors with certification awards at trade shows and technical events.


Explore each type of certification program we have to offer!

SecureCertified Secure
How well does your product
protect against the latest threats?

SecureCertified Green
Is your product
environmentally friendly?

PerformPerformance Verified
Does your product perform
as claimed?

InteropInteroperability Verified
How cohesive is your product
with current systems?

ReliableReliability Assured
Is your product consistent
under worst-case conditions?

BestRated Best
Does you product showcase
a top performance feature?


Certified Secure
Proving security excellence.

Miercom Certified Secure is the most challenging certification for security products to achieve. With state-of-the-art test tools, the latest threats and experienced engineers, Miercom rigorously tests network security hardware or software to challenge vendors to design and develop secure products. Test results indicate strengths and weaknesses and provide meaningful guidance to organizations looking to improve their security practices. A quality product should offer the highest level of security without substantially limiting performance or reliability. The Miercom Certified Secure award and independent testimonial are particularly valuable prior to product releases.


Performance Verified
Validated functionality & features.

Miercom Performance Verified is awarded to products that have been validated for vendor-stated features and functionality using state-of-the-art test tools. By combining call generation and attack scenarios, Miercom confirms the performance under stress and threats to ensure a vendor’s product operates as designed. Vendors can rely on Miercom to perform validation tests which satisfy industry standards (RFC, 802.11ac, etc.). Test results indicate strengths and weaknesses and provide unbiased proof of product design.


Reliability Assured
The best at handling the worst.

Miercom Reliability Assured is validation of dependable product service and performance. Reliable products do not experience failure and offer high levels of survivability under demanding test case scenarios. Test results indicate real-world robustness, powerful management and opportunities for improvement in product design.


Certified Green
Environmentally friendly, technologically advanced.

Miercom Certified Green award provides vendors with an objective assessment of a product’s environmental impact based on energy efficiency, power consumption, manufacturing, materials and other “green” innovations. A product which is Certified Green has passed an intensive, independent assessment regarding the advantage of its environmentally sound technology. Products are tested with an applicable methodology, using real-world environments and devices to validate eco-friendly operation.


Interoperability Certified
Plays well with others.

Miercom Interoperability Verified certifies a product as functional in a multi-vendor, multi-network, multi-service environment. Interoperability and compatibility testing is performed using industry standard specifications and latest conformance verification test tools available. Results indicate the likelihood of a functioning multi-vendor environment, recognition of met industry standards and areas of necessary development.


Rated Best
Above the rest.

Miercom Rated Best is awarded to the best-in-class product, following an objective evaluation of multiple vendors in a similar marketspace. Products are verified for features, functionality and/or ease of use within a single industry using a uniform set of test criteria. The product with the best results in comparison to other leading technologies is awarded this certification for unbiased proof that the vendor’s product is the best in its industry.