Aspect Webinar – Proven High Availability and Reliability

The demands on your communication infrastructure have never been greater. Delivering next-generation customer contact in an era of global, 24/7 availability means your mission critical contact center operations can’t afford to fail.Register now:  High Availability for the Contact Center: Ensuring Customer Service ContinuityLearn how Aspect’s Miercom Performance Verified architecture for next-generation customer contact can help you achieve:

  • High availability (HA) and reliability
  • Business continuity on common failure scenarios
  • Better resource utilization
  • Increased bottom-line financial benefits
Miercom Performance Verified
Aspect® Unified IP 7® achieved the Performance Verified Award for demonstration of its high availability capabilities during network and server outages.

Why Attend:
Don’t let even the slightest decrease in system availability impact customer satisfaction.  Find out how you can limit or eliminate the experience of downtime for customers interacting with your contact center.

Register now:  High Availability for the Contact Center: Ensuring Customer Service Continuity